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How to Make Money in the Ghetto Fast With No Investment

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I was looking for ways to make money in my neighborhood, but all of the ideas I found online wouldn’t work where I live. I needed to know how to make money in the ghetto, not in rich neighborhoods where you can find people who will pay you $20 an hour to walk their dogs!

Finally I realized that no matter how much research I did I wasn’t going to find anything. It was up to me to figure it out. After taking a look around, I realized there were ways to make money all around – even in the ghetto.

The first thing I realized is that even people who don’t have a ton of money are willing to invest in their kids’ futures. Obviously the poorer neighborhoods have worse schools than the more affluent ones so my first course of action was to offer tutoring services to people’s kids. I knew I couldn’t charge a ton but found that if I got a group or 4 or 5 kids and tutored them together, I could make quite a bit of money while staying within their parents budget.

While I was doing this tutoring I realized there were a ton of kids who had no where to go after school and ended up wandering the neighborhoods getting into trouble just because their parents couldn’t afford after school care. While my goal was to make money I realized that I could help them out and make a fortune at the same time. By watching up to 10 kids at once I was able to make $50 an hour and still have their parents afford my services. Even in the ghetto you can find ways to make money fast. The idea is to charge little money for services you can perform simultaneously.

Hans Betrell

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