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You wouldn’t give the name Pin Inspector to a mere keyword research tool, would you? Well, neither would Dave Guindon, the software engineer who created it. 

While the keyword research for Pinterest alone makes this worth the investment, Pin Inspector can do a lot more than that! 

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What Does It Do?

Pin Inspector enables you to look at what’s currently doing well on Pinterest in terms of traffic and indirectly gives you the tools to successfully compete.

To do so, this software comes with 4 main analyzer tools, or tabs, that are all seriously helpful. With them, you can inspect:

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  • Trends: See what’s trending and what can get you the most traffic from Pinterest
  • Pins: Use the analyzer tool to look at an individual pin and see how it’s performing
  • Boards: Take a step back and analyze the performance of any given board
  • People: Zoom out even further and analyze the Pinterest account of any pinner

Pin Inspector uses a process of ever-widening circles. Each of these tabs is incredibly helpful for both analyzing existing pins and planning your own.

With these tabs, Pin Inspector enables you to do actual keyword research which is especially valuable if you plan to use Pinterest ads for your marketing or to generate some extra money by selling products.

And selling digital products can even be to your benefit on the platform. Become a Verified Merchant and you get a coveted blue checkmark on your account.

Let’s briefly look at each of these features and how they fit into your own Pinterest strategy.

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The Trends Tool

When do people start planning their holidays? When do Christmas searches really start? Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to all of that data?

Well, my friend, you do!

Optimize your resume to get more interviews

(I mean, technically you already did… Pinterest Trends and all that…)

With Pin Inspector’s Trends Tool, you have access to all of this information within the tool itself.

Once you’ve selected any keywords that are relevant to the pin you want to publish for your post, right-click and feed them into the Trends Tool to see how they’ve been performing over the last months.

Pick the steadiest keyword to optimize for so your pin keeps converting impressions into clicks all year round.

With the helpful Trends Tool, it’s incredibly easy to make sure you maximize traffic to your ads, your best posts or your best new ideas.

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The Pins Analyzer

Once you’ve found the top trending keywords for your niche, it’s time to get to work and design the pins themselves.

With the pin analyzer, you can get down to the level of the individual pin. This is where you can scrape online data for small bits of information that can give your content a real edge.

Pin Design

The algorithm has a clear preference when it comes to the type of pins that it shows for a given keyword. As an example, I found this when searching for the term blogging tips.

You’ll notice that each image has a similar, slightly off-white, background color and even the details on the pins themselves fall within a specific section of the color spectrum. 

Given these results, we can see that this is the preferred format for this keyword. Therefore, it’s important to use this information when you create your own content. 

This is the visual search factor, and it’s a sneaky part of the algorithm that 90% of people never notice.

By clicking on the pins tab, you can quickly get a very clear idea of what Pinterest prefers in terms of colors and format (videos or just images?) for a specific keyword. 

Gone are the days where you had to uncover the HTML color code in the backend of the website. With the pin analyzer, you can review the most popular colors without going into the source code of every pin.

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Analyze The Competition

By inspecting the optimization of what’s ranking already in results, you can come up with ideas for how to out-optimize them.

The pin analyzer gathers a huge amount of data and presents it in multiple columns.

With one click, you get information on:

  • Pin descriptions
  • Method of uploading, (scheduler like Tailwind or manual)
  • Date of publishing
  • Number of comments
  • Type (video, static or idea pin)
  • Whether they’re original fresh content or repins, etc 

With the Pin Analyzer, you can uncover information that you might use to outrank what’s currently ranking. Have the pin descriptions been well-optimized? Colors well chosen? Is there room for anything fresh?

This way you can quickly get numerous ideas for ways to outrank what’s there.

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Analyze Boards

Beyond analyzing pins and trends, Pin Inspector also lets you analyze entire boards.

Let’s see what this looks like by analyzing the keyword vegetarian chili.

Here we have an overview of the titles of the most popular boards that contain my keyword.

You can decide to look at the boards in Pin Inspector or click on any of the links to check them out on Pinterest.

Immediately, you can see several interesting characteristics. At a glance you’ll know:

  • How many followers a board has
  • Whether their titles have been optimized properly
  • The number of pins that are in it
  • How many comments it has
  • When it was last pinned to

One of my favorite things about Pin Inspector is how you can feed the data from any board and into the pin analyzer to take a closer look. 

This way, it’s super easy to see the makeup of a board (fresh pin vs re-pin), how it’s performing in terms of traffic and impressions and even whether it’s a video, static or idea pin that does best.

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Analyze People

Do you ever wish for a peek behind the curtain of some of the most successful Pinterest accounts? Ever wish you could see how a super-successful pinner handles pinning and re-pinning?

The analyzer tools in this software allow you to look under the hood of a given account and see its inner workings. It’s called the People tab.

Let’s see how this works by searching for the most popular accounts when it comes to travel tips.

In fact, let’s type in Spain travel tips since I’m currently working from the Costa Brava right now.

Immediately, Pin Inspector presents a lot of columns that show some very interesting characteristics of a given account. Just to name a few, you can now see:

  • The number of followers, impressions, pins and boards
  • Verified Merchant status?
  • Claimed domain?

Once again, Pin Inspector allows you to zoom in on any one of these accounts and examine their pinning behavior. Just send their pins to the pins tab!

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Account Audits

When you analyze an account like this, you get an incredible amount of information. Rather than seeing ranking pins by many different creators, Pin Inspector shows you the posts from a single Pinterest user.

By analyzing the data again, you now have information on important stuff like:

  • Pinning frequency: how often do they pin?
  • Kinds of pins: Do they create different kinds of pins such as idea pins, video pins, etc?
  • Method of uploading: Are they uploading manually or using a scheduler such as Tailwind?
  • Makeup of boards: Do they regularly publish fresh pins? Are they repinning?

Believe me when I say that if you’re a Pinterest manager like me, this tab alone makes Pin Inspector worth the money. This is a huge asset for doing Pinterest audits.

Do your account and strategy need an audit? I can give you feedback, recommendations and a new strategy in 7 days.

Or, use my free audit guide to perform an audit yourself!

Best Pinterest Keyword Tool?

Here we have the question that’s really at the heart of this blog post…

Is Pin Inspector worth the money?

You’ve probably guessed it already but my answer is a resounding YES.

While there are alternative ways to find keywords on Pinterest, Pin Inspector does so much more than that.

This Pinterest keyword tool gives you a clear sense of how you can make your pins rank, allows you to size up your competition which makes it a powerful tool for Pinterest marketing.

If you’re interested in increasing your efforts with Pinterest, getting this amazing keyword tool should really be in the no-brainer category.

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Pin Inspector Price

At the time of writing, you can get Pin Inspector for a single payment of $67. This will give you lifelong access to the software.

Are you like me and do you work on multiple devices? Then Pin Inspector has your back. After you purchase it, you can install it 10 times on different laptops or PCs. Great if you’re into working while traveling like I am!

Final Thoughts

Is Pin Inspector really as good as people say it is? Given the depth, number of data points, access to Pinterest Trends data and advanced features, YES: Pin Inspector really does live up to the hype.

Nay, even better…

This Pinterest keyword research tool will change the way you’re doing Pinterest marketing. 

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