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Pin Inspector Review 2023

Everyone and their mother is recommending Pin Inspector for Pinterest marketing, but is this a tool you’ll ACTUALLY use? In this Pin Inspector review and beginner’s guide, I’ll show you exactly what you get with a purchase of this popular keyword tool so you can decide if it’s the right investment for your Pinterest marketing and strategy.

No one wants to waste their time getting attached to another fling. We’re looking for the one. And Pin Inspector isn’t the first software to toy with our hearts.

Over the years, loads of keyword tools have entered the market making big promises, but were ultimately rendered useless due to algorithm changes. 

As a Pinterest manager, I hear wedding bells. Pin Inspector has radically accelerated and improved the results of my Pinterest keyword research (amongst other things that we’ll get to in a minute).

So, dearly beloved, let’s dive into this Pin Inspector review and look at its most powerful and practical features so you can find out exactly what this keyword tool can offer you.

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You can get 20% off of Pin Inspector with the code PIN20. This brings the lifetime cost of this tool down to $47.00.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Despite common misconceptions, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform.

Instead, Pinterest is a visual search engine; a place where Pinterest users (called pinners) come and discover new content that’s published by creators (you!)

Pinterest And Google

In fact, Pinterest has WAY more in common with Google than it does with Instagram. Like Google, Pinterest is a place where people actively look for specific information.

Creators meet this demand by uploading visual content (pins) with links back to their website. Just as with Google, the aim is to get pinners to click on those links and engage with a specific post or page on your website.  


As a result, the process of optimization for Pinterest is very similar to that for other search engines. Pinterest SEO relies on using keywords to explain your content to its algorithm.

Outranking other creators’ pins is very much like outranking your competition on Google.

Optimize your resume to get more interviews

I know I’m beginning to repeat myself here but recognizing Pinterest as a search engine is vitally important in getting your money’s worth out of Pin Inspector.

And that’s my real goal with this Pin Inspector review. Pin Inspector saves me hours of time, and I want to help you decide if it can do the same for YOU. 

Translation: this isn’t clickbait for affiliate sales. This is all about helping you get your best Pinterest marketing results. 

Keyword Research For Pinterest

Pinterest SEO works just like that of Google: it relies on keywords. You can get your pins to rank higher in using them in strategically-chosen places such as your profile, boards, and pin descriptions. 

If you’re not feeling confident in your SEO game, don’t hesitate to get my free optimization guide for Pinterest. 

Just like with Google, the most efficient way of converting an impression into a click is finding the exact words that your audience uses to talk about what they’re looking for.

Finding each individual keyword is a time-consuming process though, and it’s of the UTMOST importance that you do it correctly every. single. time.

Traditionally, the most reliable way to find keywords was to use the search bar on the main page of Pinterest itself. 

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Finding A Keyword On Pinterest

Let’s look at an example of how you can use Pinterest to find keywords. Here’s what happens when I use the Pinterest website to type in my thoughts for tonight’s dinner, vegetarian chili

After typing in my main keyword, also known as a seed keyword, Pinterest suggests a list of additional keywords:

They are the related keywords you use to provide further context to Pinterest so it knows when to display your content. 

Unfortunately, the best way to use them in your pin descriptions is to manually copy them into a spreadsheet one by one.

But what if I wanted to look for vegan chili? Or maybe, a vegetarian chili recipe? Maybe easy vegetarian chili? Would I have to do that every time?

Sadly, the answer is yes. It’s simply a matter of rinse and repeat for every… single… pin.

If you’re a Pinterest manager like myself, it’s an even more time-consuming process since I have to create pin descriptions and board descriptions for many Pinterest accounts!

Enter Pin Inspector.

Not sure what to do with your keywords once you’ve found them? Use my pin SEO templates for plug-and-play Pinterest SEO:

What Is Pin Inspector?

As the name suggests, Pin Inspector is a paid software that’s all about hidden data and how to use it to get more traffic from Pinterest.

With this keyword tool, developed by software developer Dave Guindon, you can look at trending searches on Pinterest, use the Pins Analyzer to look at any pin made by any pinner, inspect Pinterest boards of any niche, and so much more!

Both Windows and Mac users will be delighted to see that you can download this software for both Mac OSX and PC.

While Pin Inspector is amazing for Pinterest managers, it’s also incredibly useful to boost the traffic you get from Pinterest to your blog or any page on your business website. 

While most Pinterest-related tools have disappeared, Pin Inspector Dave seems to be in it for the long haul. The updates and sustained relevance of the tool are what has cemented it as the best Pinterest tool on the market.

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Doing Bulk Keyword Research

Pin Inspector comes with a built-in keyword generator tool that greatly speeds up the process of finding keywords for your niche.

With the amazing keyword generator included in this software, you can quickly find the best-performing keywords and what’s currently trending for any given niche.

And it gets even better!

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Finding Keywords With Pin Inspector

The old way of finding keywords on Pinterest isn’t just slow; it also yields a small number of keywords.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at what happens when I type in my earlier keyword, vegetarian chili, in our new keyword tool.

Pin Inspector can generate the exact same keywords that Pinterest does but I also get a lot more of them. Instead of a mere handful of keywords, I now have an amazing total of 222 related keywords to choose from.

Obviously, you don’t need every keyword that this software can generate. Simply right-click on the ones you want and then copy selected keywords to copy and paste them into your keyword bank. 

With these easy-to-make keyword spreadsheets, life as a Pinterest marketer becomes a lot easier. As a Pinterest account manager, I have to create pin descriptions all the time and this tool easily saves me hours.

Honestly, the keyword generator tool alone has made this software an absolute game-changer for my business.

This is why I believe that this software belongs on the download list of bloggers or any business that takes its Pinterest strategy seriously.

And if you’re investing at ALL in Pinterest, you might as well do it as effectively as you can, right?

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Access To Hidden Data For Pinterest Marketing

Sure, Pinterest can get you the odd keyword for free, but that’s about as helpful as it gets. Unlike similar tools for Google, Pinterest doesn’t give you any of the additional data that’s so valuable for your business.

Browse And Scrape

This is another area where Pin Inspector truly stands out. One of the extra features included in this tool is the Browse and Scrape feature. With it, you can now inspect any of the pins in the feed and understand the exact reasons why certain pins are performing well.

Besides the Browse and Scrape feature, Pin Inspector gives you access to hidden data points that are high-value for marketing your business.

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Volume And Difficulty

Dave has published many tutorial videos that show you how to get the most out of this software and each video is worth watching. Check out this video in which Dave explains how to use the software he designed to get free additional data such as volume and difficulty!

Once you download Pin Inspector, you’ll be able to use this free data to make informed decisions on things like ads and your overall Pinterest marketing.

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